Friday Five

It’s been awhile since I’ve linked up on Friday, but there’s no time like the present to jump back into things!


I love iMovie.  My Macbook is completely full, and I need to setup my iMac and get things backed up, but nonetheless, I created the most amazing movie with pictures and video from 2015 for my mom and MIL for Mother’s Day.  My mom hasn’t been able to see it yet since my Macbook keeps crashing due to its space and the fact that I haven’t tried burning the DVD yet, but it is seriously awesome.  This will definitely become an annual thing.  It’s such a special way to save the random videos and pictures that I have taken.  I can’t believe how much EJ has grown too.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 11.19.07 AM


I’m obsessed with my S’well water bottle.  I got the 17 oz. so it can fit in the cup holders in my truck.  I’ve drank way more water than normal since getting this because it keeps it cold, but doesn’t leak or “sweat” water all over my things.  Naturally, I got hot pink.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 11.22.23 AM


There’s only one more week of school!  Need I say anything more?



We’ve had a ton of rain lately and it’s making for good green grass and lots of pretty pictures.  It’s so nice to have a wet spring rather than deal with hauling water to cattle, dust and wind.  DG is a much happier husband when the weather cooperates!



Awhile back I posted about lusting after the Jujube BFF diaper bag.  I finally splurged (using gift cards!) and bought it.  The verdict is that I absolutely LOVE it!  I wish I would have gotten this diaper bag from day one and skipped out on my pricey Kate Spade bag.  The BFF is so organized and even though it looks smaller, it fits everything that was in my other bag–but now everything has it’s place and I’m not digging to the bottom looking for “lost” items.  The other major bonus is that it’s a backpack, and I’ve already found that to be super helpful when I’m carrying EJ and the bag.  I feel really stylish using it since it’s a classy print too!

Jujube BFF Diaper Bag

That’s it for today!  Have a great weekend.  I hope we’re basking in the sun!!



Doing Life

I feel like lately the world is spinning faster and faster around me.  As hard as I try, I can’t stay caught up on life in general.  EVERYTHING is busy.  When someone asks what we’ve been up to, my standard reply is that we’re just “busy doing life.”  Life is school, homework, soccer games, running EJ back and forth to the baby-sitter, branding calves, having trucks break down, loads of office work, meetings, picking paint colors for the house, choosing tile samples, shuffling papers, cooking dinner, playing outside, Easter at my parents’ house, doctor appointments, biking in the evenings among other things.  Some of it is fun and other parts not so much, but at the end of every day I’m flat out tired and wore out.  I don’t know how people with several kids do it.  I can hardly keep up with a husband and 2 kids!  My life would be pure chaos if I had any more.






And those are just a few pictures of what “doing life” looks like at our house!


Defining My Excuses


Okay so I have been taking a “gym class” that’s an 8 week program and we go to class 2 nights a week.  The coaches measure us (at the beginning, middle and end of the program), lead our workouts, help us with nutrition and try to keep us accountable and motivated during the week.  All in all, it’s a pretty good program if you’re dedicated and want to make a change.  We’re on week 5 and I’ve missed a few classes because I’m busy, but I’ve been trying to go.  Since it’s at 8 pm that makes it pretty do-able for me, especially since my in-laws are right next door and are so nice to come babysit if DG isn’t home yet for the night.  I’ve been doing pretty good on my calories, not so great on my water consumption and fair on workouts.  It’s so much easier for me to go for a walk than it is to full on workout in the basement because if I go on a walk I can take my kids.  If I want to do an exercise video or run on the treadmill I usually have to wait until EJ is asleep so she’s not crawling on top of me, and let’s face it–I don’t do mornings so there’s no way I’m getting up at 5:30 to exercise.

Anyhow, this week my coach challenged us to write down 4 excuses that are keeping us from our goal–whether that goal is losing weight, getting fit, etc.  My goal is easy:  I want to lose 20 pounds, tone my body, fit into my size 2-4 clothes again and look good in them.  Defining my excuses is way harder than defining my goal, but I think I finally narrowed them down.

  1. I’m busy and I don’t have a regular schedule.  As much as I try to create routine in our house, it’s especially hard in the spring.  For example, my husband decides on Monday that he’s branding cattle that afternoon, so BG needs to be there.  That screws up my plans of getting his homework finished during the first of the week, which I’m super OCD about because the further into the week it gets pushed back, the harder it is to get it done and then it messes with all of the other things we have scheduled.  Anyway, I need to prioritize myself more and suck it up to get good workouts in at least 5 days a week even if that means staying up super late or getting up way early.  I’ll hate doing it, but I need to be stronger than my excuses.
  2. I can’t meal prep.  Okay so “can’t” is my excuse.  I actually can, but I don’t, and I’ll explain why:  I end try to eat the same thing for breakfast (shake) and lunch (chicken salad) every day, then when I cook dinner I make sure to just have the meat, veggie and salad rather than whatever carb or potato I make because I like variety and it’s easier for me to eat whatever my family is eating and just make mine less caloric.  We eat pretty clean and I do cook most nights, so it’s not like I’m making horrible food choices.  The problem with this though is if I get super hungry before dinner is ready I snack which is when I usually make bad choices.  I’ve gotten better the past couple weeks, but I’m still human and not great at it.
  3. “I’m tired” or “I’ll do better tomorrow.”  Well, “tomorrow” has been the last 15 months and instead of getting my ass in gear and actually doing better, I’ve just gained more weight, got more out of shape and progressively started looking worse and worse.  Admittedly there have been times when I did good–even great–for a little while, but I didn’t keep it up so now this is where I am.  Before I was pregnant with EJ, I looked my very best that I had looked since 2011. Seriously, 2011 I looked good.  Then I gained some weight and got it back off during the Spring of 2014.  Got pregnant, had EJ and then I’ve just continued to get huge.  I weigh as much today as I did the day I went into labor.  That, my friends, is sad for me to admit.  Yeah, yeah, I know that bodies change after having a baby and all that, but it’s not an excuse.  I literally haven’t taken care of myself, I ate like crap for a year after having the baby and now I look the way I do.
  4. “I don’t look that bad.”  This is the stupidest excuse for my laziness and it goes right along with Excuse #3.  There are some days during the week where my outfit and hair look fantastic and I don’t feel as fat as I really am.  Then at night when I peel off the layers of clothes that are sucking in my gut, reality sinks in and I see how crappy I look.  Or I notice it when I’m sitting in the chair at the hair salon.  Gross.  I need to focus on my goal every single day, not just on the days when I feel like a blimp.  This excuse contradicts what I said in Excuse #3, but it is what it is.  I haven’t ever fully committed to losing weight and finally getting the body I want back.

So I sent my “excuses” to my coach like she asked us.  I’m not sure what she wanted to do with them or if she intended to have a dialogue about them, but we didn’t, so I thought I’d post them here.  I want to make my excuses (and my goal) known because once they are written down and admitted to someone I’m less likely to let those excuses get me down and hopefully I will work harder to achieve success!  What are the excuses that keep you from your goal?


Choosing Lights

Before building a house I never thought much about light fixtures.  I didn’t love the master bedroom light in our prior house, but it worked and it seemed like such a hassle to change, so I never did–same with the ceiling fans lights in our front room and family room. Now that I have a blank canvas in front of me, I’m making lighting decisions and actually having fun!  I’ve been drawn to the Kichler brand of lights and absolutely love their Grand Bank line.  I’ve had to find a few other lights that match because this line didn’t have everything I need, but I think it’s all coming together so well.  A light can be such a focal piece if you choose the right ones, and I finally think we’ve done that.

This light is going in our front entry.

This light is going in our front entry.


I absolutely love the globe light style and this will be hung in our stairway.

This beauty is hanging over our dining room table.

This beauty is hanging over our dining room table.


I love the look of Edison bulbs and the rustic feel they bring into a home.  If asked, our decor style is rustic glam or somewhat craftsman.  We have a lot of dark, wooden elements into the home and I’m trying to make sure that there is still a glam side to everything.  I can’t wait to have it all finished and see everything put together!


Life Lately

Things have been insanely busy around here lately.  So busy that I don’t even have many good pictures to show.  How sad is that?

We went to the ERA rodeo in Salt Lake and the kids met Tuf Cooper.  BG was beyond thrilled.  He was super shy, but so polite when he answered Tuf’s questions.  EJ wasn’t too impressed to meet him.  In fact, she cried when he held her for a picture.



The kids have played together a lot.  EJ is turning into an electronics fiend just like the rest of them, and it is driving me crazy.  Any time she sees our cell phones she screams until someone gives in and hands it to her.  I’ve tried giving her an old dead phone or a play phone and she knows the difference and doesn’t want them.


Soccer season has started, which means that the weather got bad again. It seems like we’ve already watched more games from the seat of the truck than we have out on the field. This particular game did have nice weather though. BG is already kind of over playing soccer and is looking forward to baseball season.


BG is learning fractions and mother helping has ended for the school year.  Only 4 more weeks and he’ll be promoted to 3rd grade!


EJ was sick over the past weekend.  She got a stomach bug and was the saddest, sick baby I have seen.  I now know why moms say that their babies cuddle with them while they are sick though.  EJ wouldn’t let me put her down and it was rather enjoyable to have a sweet cuddly baby for a little bit.  I loved being able to watch TV and have her laying there with me.  Also, check out her super cute outfit!


That’s about all that’s new in our world.  Our house is being insulated and dry wall should finally get hung this week.  Then it’s time to get to work finishing the thing up!