Hello…Catch Up

Hi. I’ve decided to re-enter the blogging world. DG and I have done a lot of googling about medical issues on babies (more explanation about that to come later) and we found lots of blogs and stories that kind of calmed our fears on things or even just gave us realistic versions of how things are and one day DG asked why I don’t write a “mom blog.” At first I thought he was joking, but he said maybe I could help someone like some of their stories helped us and I got to thinking about it and now here I am, being a blogger again on my “mom blog.” Really though, I used to blog about law school and fashion and beauty when blogging was first cool. Now I’m not even sure what I’ll write about or if anyone is going to read it, but if I write just one thing that helps one person, I will be happy.

My blog will probably be mostly about Eleni Jan aka EJ, my adorable 10 week old daughter:


My baby girl has an equally adorable (can a 6 year old be called adorable?) brother:


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