Summer Vacation

Summer is almost here, and that means time for a summer vacation.  Here’s where we are looking at going this summer:


yellowstone-fountain-geyser_2018_600x450We want to take the kids to Yellowstone National Park, mainly to see Old Faithful and maybe a moose or two.  I visited Yellowstone when I was about 12 and saw more wildlife driving down the highway at home than while we were there, but anytime I talk to others who have visited in the last few years, I hear about many different sitings, and I really want to see a moose so I’m hopeful!  We’ll stay in Jackson Hole, which I think is your classic mountain tourist town, but definitely fun.  I like perusing the streets of tourist towns because every once in awhile you’ll find something great for your house or office artwork or even jewelry, and it’s one of a kind. I will definitely need restaurant recommendations since it’s been so long since I’ve been there too. I haven’t ever visited the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and obviously I won’t during this trip either, but I’m sure we’ll hit up all of the kid-friendly places. Ha! I also want a picture in front of the classic “antler arch” because I think we somehow missed taking one there when I visited as a kid.


lake_tahoe_incline_village_hyatt_spa_resort_pier_111_bar_veroniqque-5We also want to visit Lake Tahoe with the kids. While DG and I were there last summer we stayed at the Hyatt in Incline Village (Nevada), which is on the North Shore of the lake. The lake itself is beautiful! The water is so clear that you can see between 60-100 feet down from the surface. It’s also apparently one of the purest lakes in the world. The lake, shore and town are all so clean too. It’s beautiful there! If you know anything about Lake Tahoe, it’s mountainous area that caters to winter snow skiing. In late July though September though, the temperatures are just right and you can swim in the lake. It’s isually about 60-70 degrees at the water’s surface, and about 75 degrees outside so you don’t get that drastic change between the water and outside air like if you were visiting the ocean in California. The Hyatt owns a private beach for hotel guests only, so staying there gives us clean and uncrowded beach front, chairs and cabanas. This will be especially nice because I don’t want to have to haul chairs and an umbrella with us. All we’ll need to take are water toys when we go. I’m so excited for BG and EJ to play in the water! Besides hearing that North Tahoe is cleaner than South Tahoe, we liked staying at the Hyatt because it’s the only hotel within walking distance of the water that has a casino. The casinos in South Tahoe are like what you’d find in Reno and, no offense to Reno, but we wanted the best of both worlds, and that’s also why we won’t stay on the California side and stayed in Incline Village. I probably won’t be gambling this time since we’ll have the kids and I only like to gamble if I’m with DG or friends, so we won’t be taking turns by any means, but it’s still nice to know the option is there.

What fun summer vacations do you all have planned this year?



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