Eleni’s Eye

It’s been about a month since I talked about the hemangioma behind EJ’s eye, but not much has changed.

FullSizeRender-1We actually took her back to the doctor because the left eyelid looks more “swollen” again.  He said that it was a little more swollen and the eye’s proptosis was slightly worse due to her growing so we’ve upped her medicine dose and will hope it continues to slow the growth of the hemangioma.  We’ll go back again on June 3rd for another check-up and may have to up the medicine dose again according to her weight.  The scary thing about EJ being on propranolol is that it is primarily used as a blood pressure medication, so sometimes EJ’s blood pressure gets way too low.  A couple weeks ago it was extremely low and she was really lethargic–it was scary! Low blood pressure is a common cause of SIDs deaths too, so I was freaked out.  I tried staying up all night, but eventually got so tired that I had to set an alarm to wake me up every 45 minutes to check on the baby.  Thankfully that only lasted about 36 hours and she got over it, but it was a pretty scary time.  Her blood pressure has been fine otherwise and she’s active, but it’s something we have to be aware of to make sure she’s okay.

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