Baby Pool Bag

Unfortunately, the local pool is going to be closed for construction this summer.  We got pool passes for the water park an hour away though and BG is looking forward to going there as often as we can.  He doesn’t like the water slides, but he has fun in the lazy river and shallower kids’ pools.  This will actually make it nice because it means that I can keep him close to EJ and myself and not have to worry about where he’s at and whether he’s okay.

Baby pool essentials


Hooded Cover Up: I ordered Eleni a pink hooded towel cover up from Pottery Barn. I foresee this keeping her warm after we get out of the pool.  I like that it will cover her completely and I won’t have to worry about it falling open/off of her.

Wet Bag:  I’ve gotten a couple wet bags to put wet swim suits in.  I realize that you could just use a ziploc bag, but I think these are better because they are reusable and seal better.  You also don’t have to worry (so much) about them getting a hole and everything else in your bag getting wet.

Baby Sunglasses:  I’m sure that EJ is no different than any other baby in that she hates the brightness of the sun.  I bought her a pair of babiators from Nordstrom the other day.  They are still a little big and will push off her face if she’s in her carseat, but when she’s out of it and  there’s nothing pushing on the “arms” of the glasses, they stay on her and she seems to like them.  I don’t think it’s ever too early to start teaching babies to wear sunglasses and protect their eyes.  I also recently found these wrap around style sunglasses that have an adjustable band around the back.  These might be more comfortable for the baby and would definitely stay on better.

Swim Diapers:  Although it’s gross, I’ve gotten a couple Honest Company reusable swim diapers for EJ.  I’m not exactly excited about the reusables, but they are cute and from my reading, contain the mess better.  Nothing would embarrass me more than having EJ cause the pool to get shut down!  From my research, I’ve also found that the disposable swim diapers don’t fit small babies so that would also add to accidents, which is another reason why I went with the Honest Company brand.

Sunscreen:  A lot of people say that you should put sunscreen on your baby before 6 months, but I think a little bit of sunscreen is better than a sunburn.  I will probably get a couple rash guard outfits for EJ to wear, but I’ve also bought Thinkbaby sunscreen.  It’s SPF 50, waterproof, Paraben and PABA-free so it sounds safe.  I also bought a Neutrogena sunscreen stick because I imagine this will be a lot easier to apply to EJ’s face than a cream that could possibly get into her eyes.

Sun Hat:  H&M sells the cutest sun hats to shade your baby’s face and head.  I only got a white one for EJ, but I will probably end up ordering more to match her different outfits, especially since she seems to like wearing it.

I’m looking for the perfect sun shelter to buy.  I like the Sports Brellas but they are made to stake into soft ground like the beach.  The water park where we go is concrete with areas covered by fake grass so I need something that can be weighted down rather than stuck into the ground and then at the same time, I’d prefer it to be somewhat light since it will likely be me and 2 kids going together and I won’t be too capable of carrying a lot of stuff.

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