Feeling My Age

Sometimes I still feel 23.  Don’t get me wrong, I love where I’m at in life, but there are times when I miss being young and carefree, with far less responsibility.  Lately though, I’ve had so many different occurrences where I feel old..

-when I’m going through my closet and rediscover a cute dress, then I start wondering if said dress’ length is appropriate at my age?  I mean I can wear whatever I want because it’s my life, but I’m old(er) than when I bought it and I’m a parent, so I need to be more conscious of my clothing choices, especially if they are involve showing my legs.  I miss not even worrying about that–not to mention not worrying about how I looked in short dresses!

-two drinks in and I feeling tipsy and tired.  Also to be mentioned is that I wouldn’t even consider going out for drinks after 8 pm now.  I used to not even leave my house until 10-ish on the weekends, and now I love to be in bed at that time or I’m exhausted the next day.

-I rarely spend much time outside without wearing a hat.  This is obviously a good practice for everyone, but I’m much more worried about wrinkle prevention now.

-I forego a bachelorette weekend in Vegas because I don’t know all the girls going and I have kids to take care of.  I’m definitely not opposed to leaving my kids for the weekend, but it has to be for a good reason.  A weekend away with my close friends or DG?  Absolutely.  A weekend with my sisters-in-law and girls I hardly know?  No.  If I’m going to leave my kids, I want to make sure I’m going to have the most fun ever, but I don’t do well in situations where I don’t know people very well–I’m shy–so that means I’m skipping out on a Vegas trip this coming weekend.  I’d rather save my weekends away for something I really want to do.

-seeing your friend’s preschooler in a cute dance recital costume and reminiscing on the fact that your first dance recital costume was never that cute.  25 years ago.  Yikes!

What makes you feel your age?

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