I’m a Ranch Wife


BEEF Magazine posted a poll last week asking whether people think the terms “farmer’s wife” or “ranch wife” are outdated and offensive or if people are proud to be called by such names.  I’ve never even given being a ranch wife a second thought–it is what I am.  DG is a cattle rancher and I’m a ranch wife in that I ranch with him and I’m his wife.  I don’t think it’s a derogatory term at all.  I think ranch wives (or farm wives!) are strong women who can do a number of different things whether that’s running the farm or ranch, working with their husbands to support them, raising their kids to involve them in the ag world, etc.  It’s not a cookie-cutter description and I would never think someone thought less of me just because they called me a ranch wife.

I’m proud to be a ranch wife.  For me, it’s riding horses with DG to gather and herd cattle, working cattle in the corral, managing records, running errands, helping irrigate pastures, taking lunch out to the crew, riding around in the truck with DG even when he doesn’t need me just to spend time with him, having a dirty pickup because we work out of it, knowing where the cows go and how to get there, hauling animals to the vet, feeding and basically just working with my husband.  I love it and wouldn’t want my marriage to be any other way.  I also have “ranch mom” duties like saddling BG’s horse, taking him out to his dad/picking him up early depending on how early or late they are working, riding with him to make sure he doesn’t get behind or hurt, making sure he eats, drinks and doesn’t get sunburned and lately I’ve been the truck driver, following the cows in my truck and trailer and giving the cowboys a ride when they are finished so that the little princess can come along with us.  I love the cows and horses and ranching altogether and this is what our life is, whether you call me a ranch wife or not.

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