Wrinkles and Botox

I have to be honest, after having EJ I got Botox to get rid of the frown lines (the “11’s”) that appeared on my forehead.  Best. Decision. Ever.  I looked at it as preventative Botox and the doctor even told me that the earlier you start doing Botox, the less deep the wrinkles will get.  So I didn’t feel too bad about it.  I’m not sure how many units I received, but it wasn’t too many, and it worked.

Now, I’m also super concerned with preventing any more wrinkles.  I obviously wear sunglasses every time I’m outside in the sun, and I’ve gotten a lot better about wearing hats over the past 5 years since hats are so cute these days, but I’m always on the lookout for wrinkle creams that work.

I’ve been using Rodan + Fields eye cream for the past couple months and love it.  I really feel like it’s helping reduce any appearance of crow’s feet around my eyes, and my eyes don’t have quite the dark circles underneath when I wake up in the morning.  That’s a major bonus for this mama!  I don’t want to look like EJ kept me up all night.

What are your favorite products to keep the wrinkles at bay?


  1. Rodan fields, baby!

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