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Friday Five

ONE EJ had her 6 month pictures taken and was an absolute angel.  She had 3 different outfits, as well as outside and studio pictures and it seriously only took 30 minutes.  She sat perfectly and grinned.  I can’t wait to see the final products! TWO I took BG back to school shopping.  Usually I’ve […]


Beautiful Views on the Mountain

Every summer DG pulls our camp trailer to the top of the mountain so that we can camp as often as possible.  He works up there, taking care of cows, packing salt and riding his horse every day so it’s actually more convenient for him to stay at camp than drive back and forth every […]


Friday Five

ONE I was able to take both BG and EJ to the Greek Festival with me this year.  I love serving the lunch crowd in my regular spot–souvlaki and lamb.  This year was extra special because I got to show off the cute kids too!  BG liked playing bingo, hanging out with my brother and […]


Eleni’s Helmet

EJ got a cranial helmet to help fix her head shape over the next few months.  She has plagiocephaly (flattening of the side of the head), caused by torticollis (right neck muscles too tight, left neck muscles too stretched), which she got at birth from her terrible/long/traumatic delivery.  She actually had a lot of fluid under the […]



DG’s birthday is on July 2nd, so each year we invite our family friends over for cake and fireworks.  It’s a great way to ensure that even if BG isn’t with us on the 4th of July we’ll still get to do fireworks with him! On the 4th of July, DG, EJ and I camped. […]

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