DG’s birthday is on July 2nd, so each year we invite our family friends over for cake and fireworks.  It’s a great way to ensure that even if BG isn’t with us on the 4th of July we’ll still get to do fireworks with him!

IMG_2294IMG_2319On the 4th of July, DG, EJ and I camped.  This was EJ’s second weekend camping, and she really seems to love it!  While DG works during the day she and I hang out at camp, I take her outside to look at the dogs and horses and we’ve gone on a few hikes.  At night we usually go out for a drive and spot elk.  We did sparklers with EJ but she wasn’t very impressed.  However, she had some very cute patriotic outfits for the holiday!




She really loves to open her mouth and laugh when it’s time for a picture!

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