Friday Five


I was able to take both BG and EJ to the Greek Festival with me this year.  I love serving the lunch crowd in my regular spot–souvlaki and lamb.  This year was extra special because I got to show off the cute kids too!  BG liked playing bingo, hanging out with my brother and eating loukamades.

Like any #basicgirl, I love the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  We were in SLC for doctor appointments, and I was able to take EJ for some early access shopping.



I’ve been trying to take some fancy photos and I’m pretty proud of these.



DG’s grandfather passed away last Saturday, so the funeral was this week.  We spent a lot of quality time with DG’s family.  The cousins played together, roped, rode bikes, went through pictures and even had a water slide party for one of their birthdays.  It’s always sad when we get together for reasons like a funeral, but the kids made it fun.  All the great-granddaughters (who are mainly babies) got to wear a pretty flower headband for the funeral.  EJ was an angel in church as well.



I love the Baby Brezza.  I had the Beaba Babycook on my registry, but ended up with the Brezza and I love it.  I’m sure they are both great!  It’s what they do that actually makes them amazing!  We started EJ on simple solids on July 1st.  I’ve been making all of her food.  It’s really fun and EASY.  It actually tastes pretty good too.  I definitely will be recommending a baby food maker to any parents who want to make their own food!


Have a great weekend!

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  1. so all these blog posts are just now showing up in my inbox! crazy, right?

    • angsamp says:

      That is super weird!!!!! I figured nobody read my blog anymore hahahaha. Do you use Feedly? or something else?

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