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My Pretty Girl

You know all those adorable baby pictures you see on the internet of baby girls in pretty dresses and bows?  Well, a local photographer recently offered Glitz & Glam mini sessions for little girls, where she provided the outfits and accessories.  All you had to do was take your daughter (and have her hair done if […]


Friday Five

ONE I love this precious outfit on EJ. TWO BG finally got to go fishing with his cousin JJ!  BG thinks he is the neatest kid, especially now that he’s a 14 year old with a boat!  They were nice enough to make a special trip out on the lake so that BG could have […]



BG turned seven on the 18th!  This year he decided to have a combined family and friend party on the mountain at our camp spot.  That is his happy place, and he was thrilled that so many people came!  We had a cowboy themed party, barbecued dinner for everyone, ate cake and ice cream, the […]


Summer Staycation

I hate the word “staycation,” but it’s what we had this week.  DG and I really wanted to take the kids to Lake Tahoe this summer, but because of the dates BG was gone and then because we are busy with a lot of doctor appointments this month, it’s been hard to find days to […]


Friday Five

ONE We made it to two years of marriage.  I’m not going to lie and say it’s been easy.  We’ve had ups and downs, but there’s no one with whom I’d rather do life.  There’s also no one else who would understand not celebrating our anniversary because I was out of town at doctor appointments for EJ […]

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