Summer Staycation

I hate the word “staycation,” but it’s what we had this week.  DG and I really wanted to take the kids to Lake Tahoe this summer, but because of the dates BG was gone and then because we are busy with a lot of doctor appointments this month, it’s been hard to find days to get away.  We decided to make a little vacation out of our time up north for EJ’s doctor appointments this week, so since we stayed in Utah, I’m admitting it was a “staycation.”

The first night, we went to Park City after work, and took BG to the alpine slides.  He’d never been before, but loved them!  I thought they were a lot scarier than when I went as a kid.  Nothing like having your own kid to become a wuss!

IMG_5998 IMG_5999 IMG_6006IMG_6013 IMG_6025

We ate dinner at my favorite PC restaurant, Baja Cantina, then went to our hotel for a very short night.

IMG_6030 IMG_6048 IMG_6050

The next morning we drove to SLC so we could take EJ to the orthotist and plastic surgeon.  We stayed shopped that afternoon, hung out with my friend and stayed at the Little America.  We had to wake up early again the next morning for another doctor appointment for EJ and then it was time to come home.  Obviously it wasn’t the summer vacation we wanted to have, but I was glad to at least get out of town with the kids for a few days.


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