Friday Five


I love this precious outfit on EJ.



BG finally got to go fishing with his cousin JJ!  BG thinks he is the neatest kid, especially now that he’s a 14 year old with a boat!  They were nice enough to make a special trip out on the lake so that BG could have a good time and come home with fish.  He wanted to keep them as pets, but he left them outside that night and “the coyotes must have eaten them.” Ha!



I absolutely love Sweet N Swag moccs on my baby.  I really like the Freshly Picked moccs too, and those are what I first bought for EJ, but then I found Sweet N Swag and I’ve been hooked.  They are half(!!!!!!) the price of Freshly Picked, but in my opinion the quality is just as good!  They hold up really well and have a variety of colors to choose from.  I’ve sent all my mom friends to Sweet N Swag and the majority have started buying from there.  I just bought EJ’s fall shoes this week!  If they ever want to give me a free pair, I’ll take them, but I guess my chances of that happening are probably low.



I got to help DG ship a load of cattle this week!  I love when I get to help.



I took EJ out to look at the horses and she was so incredibly happy, giggling the whole time.  When I put her on the saddle she sat there and smiled.  I think she might be ready for her own horse soon.  Or maybe a 1st birthday pony.


Have a great weekend, friends!!!

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