Eleni’s First Trip to California!

My mom, EJ and I flew to California for cousin Alexandra’s baptism over Labor Day.  This was EJ’s first trip to California and her first time on an airplane.  She did extremely well on the way there.  She people watched, played with her toys and slept.  I was super nervous about going through security, but the people in SLC were extremely friendly and even other passengers were helpful.  I dropped off our luggage at the Skycap which also helped a lot!



We rented a car in Sacramento and that was interesting.  I took EJ’s carseat, and that first car they gave us was so small that her carseat couldn’t be safely placed on the backseat and buckled in.  Not to mention that she was going to have to be on the side rather than in the middle, which being in a car, that really scared me!  We were able to get a crossover SUV instead.  It wasn’t the best car and her carseat still wasn’t super secure, but at least she was in the middle.  I’m going to post my baby travel tips later, but my first one is to definitely take your carseat base with you!!!  Leaving it home was a poor choice on my part.

EJ loved hanging out at the hotel.  She is definitely DG’s child because he and BG also love to just relax in a hotel room.  It’s so funny!!!  She’s so routine in her sleep schedule that when we got to my aunt and uncle’s home for dinner the first night it was 8 pm at home so EJ was out for the night.  I finally felt bad because the relatives wanted to see her and interact, so I decided to wake her up and play.  Fortunately when we got back to the hotel she still slept well!

Saturday was spent having breakfast and visiting my cousin.  We shopped at a couple super cute baby boutiques.  My mom and Yiayia used to take me to one of them as a kid and I hated it.  I always got the same pair of black lace-up booties to wear with my school uniform there.  As a mom though, it’s so different.  I loved going to the boutique and buying way too many outfits for EJ.  They were so cute though, I couldn’t help myself!!!  Then the baptism was Saturday afternoon.  EJ was extremely vocal in church.  Like just humming/singing the whole time.  She was super happy and smiley though.  It was adorable. She again fell asleep for part of the baptism dinner, but then she finally woke up to put on a show and be happy.  It was surprising how timid she was in such a large group of strangers.  I’d never seen her like that.  I’m so excited to see her the next time we visit because she will be walking and able to play with her cousins!

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