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Friday Five

ONE This soup is pretty much amazing.  I’m making it for our family Halloween party tonight.  However, instead of kielbasa, I’m going to use Italian sausage this time.  I think it will make the soup a little less greasy.  The only other change that I make to the recipe is using spinach instead of kale. TWO I’m […]


Little Passports: Review

Last year as part of BG Christmas gift, my parents gave him a Little Passports subscription.  I helped my mom choose the USA edition, but they also have themes for younger kids (animals, music, food) and a world edition.  My thought was that USA would be a good way for BG to learn about different states since […]


Preg Checking Cattle

Fall means that we gather cattle off the mountain, wean calves and check the cattle for pregnancy.  For time and cost efficiency, we test our cattle for pregnancy the “old fashioned” way, meaning that we don’t use ultrasounds.  DG actually went to a preg checking “school” that was about 3 days long and preg checks […]


Favorite Baby Products: 4-8 months(ish)

I thought it was about time to share some more of EJ’s (and mine!) favorite baby products.  She’s liked or we’ve used most of these from about the time she was 4 months old up until now.  The Baby Brezza baby food maker is by far my favorite thing!  I am so thankful that we […]

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