Favorite Baby Products: 4-8 months(ish)

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 1.28.18 PMI thought it was about time to share some more of EJ’s (and mine!) favorite baby products.  She’s liked or we’ve used most of these from about the time she was 4 months old up until now.

  1.  The Baby Brezza baby food maker is by far my favorite thing!  I am so thankful that we received this as a shower gift.  I’d actually registered for the Beaeba Babycook, but the Brezza is just as useful and great (albeit not as pretty!).  The benefit of a baby food maker is that it cooks (steams) the food and then it purees.  I’ve had a lot of people tell me “well I have a Vitamix/Blendtec so that does the same thing.”  No, they actually don’t.  The way I understand it, the Vitamix and Blendtecs don’t actually cook the veggies–you’d have to first steam the veggies and then you could add them in for a puree.  Considering that I’m usually in a hurry (and let’s face it–I’m lazy and don’t want to do more dishes than are necessary), but Baby Brezza is an all-in-one machine.  I cut up whatever veggie/ingredient it is that I want to cook, put it in the container to be steamed, then it is blended all in that same container.  Easy-peasy and not much of a mess to clean up!  The Baby Brezza’s parts are dishwasher safe too, again making it simple for me.
  2. Sophie the Giraffe is well loved by EJ.  She loves the soft rubber for teething.  I wash Sophie gently with soap and water to keep her clean since she’s thrown all over the floor and diaper bag.  It’s crazy that we buy a $20 giraffe for our babies to teethe on, but apparently it really feels good on babies’ gums because they love it.
  3. After much research and questioning of other parents, I got the Ergo 360 Carrier.  This is way more supportive than the Baby K’Tan wrap, but I’d say that the purpose is different as well.  I’ve used our Ergo for carrying EJ at soccer games, hiking on the mountain and riding on the 4-wheeler.  It’s very sturdy and I don’t feel like she’s going to fall out when she’s in the Ergo.  The Baby K’Tan is faster to put on, but better suited for wearing around the house.  I will say that the Ergo is hot, and it’s a little bit nerve-wracking to hike with a baby in front of you, making it harder to see, but I foresee this getting more use next year as I’ll put EJ on my back more often.  I also used it in the airport, and it was extremely nice to be handsfree.
  4. This is the exact jumper that EJ has.  We put her in it since about 3.5 months old, propped with blankets, in an effort to keep her off the back of her head.  I definitely recommend getting one with lights and various toys on it.  EJ still loves playing in her jumper and it keeps her contained if I need to run outside for a minute or get in the shower when nobody else is home to watch her.
  5. EJ has four or five different “lovies.”  The Jellycat ones are my favorite because they’re really soft and nice feeling.  The cheaper ones get static, which I hate, so I regularly just swap between EJ’s horse, bunny and lamb Jellycats.

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