Little Passports: Review

Last year as part of BG Christmas gift, my parents gave him a Little Passports subscription.  I helped my mom choose the USA edition, but they also have themes for younger kids (animals, music, food) and a world edition.  My thought was that USA would be a good way for BG to learn about different states since we are more likely to visit them in the future than the various countries.  The age range on the USA edition is 7-12.  BG was 6 when we started and honestly, it was a little hard for him.  I would definitely stick to the recommended ages if you order a Little Passports subscription.

California Little Passports

Each monthly envelope comes with two different states. They have facts about the states, recipes, science projects and punch out activities.

And now for an honest review by BG (with me asking the questions):

What is your favorite thing about the Little Passports?

I like getting my own mail.  And the camera and the Texas Alamo that I made.*

What did you learn?

Where the different states are because of the map and all of the different towns.  I didn’t know that some of the states were so little.

Is this a good present for people to give their kids?

Yes. The kids will get a camera and can learn stuff to tell their teacher like how Nebraska grows the most grain in America.

*The Texas Alamo was one of the pop out models in the Texas kit.

And no, we weren’t compensated for this review.  I just thought it would be fun to post about with the holidays coming up.  It may be a good gift idea for someone.

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