Halloween came and went and was actually a really busy weekend for us.  I wish Halloween had been on Friday so I only would have had to dress up my kids once!  Actually though, BG was really easy.  He originally said he wanted to be an “old fashioned” cowboy, meaning that he would wear his cowboy gear, but would also wear holsters and pistols.  The night before his class Halloween party and parade though, he decided that he was either going to be a calf roper (specifically, Tuf Cooper) or a bull rider (JW Harris).  He ultimately decided to be a bull rider and went to school wearing flashy bull rider chaps, his hat, an NFR shirt, vest and had a fake black eye.


I helped with BG’s class party.  I was initially going to do a cake walk type game with math facts, but I ran out of time to laminate the pages, so I ended up doing a sweep the pumpkin relay.  It was cute and the kids had much more fun than I expected.  The other moms did a Bingo and memory type game.


On Halloween Eve we had a family Halloween party.  DG’s aunt always goes all out and makes the parties so much fun for the kids.  Not only did we have a ton of food, but there were games, prizes, a pumpkin carving table and cute decorations.  I took EJ’s walker and she was all over the place!  She wasn’t thrilled with her lamb costume when she got warm, but she otherwise loved being around the people and, surprisingly, she didn’t get scared by any costumes.





We went trick or treating on Saturday night and much to my surprise BG didn’t change costumes!  Somehow I missed taking a pictures that night though.  Total mom fail.  I need to get better about taking my camera with me.  Hope you all had a great Halloween!

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