November & December Goals

If I don’t write down my goals then I totally forget them, so being as it’s November 11, I thought I’d share with you my goals for the next couple months.

  1.  Make homemade gifts with BG.  He loves craftiness.  I’m usually too busy and don’t want to deal with the mess involved, but that’s when the memories are made.  My mom always spent time with us to make grandparent gifts and that’s something I want him to remember doing too.  We talked about making aprons, specifically, buying white aprons that we then tie-dye, so I’ll have to see if he still wants to do that.
  2. Successfully list something I’m thankful for every day of November.  I’ve done this the last 3 or 4 years and it’s a lot of fun.  I’m sure there’s a ton of overlap, but it’s important to recognize our gratitude.
  3. Have my tree cut and up and house decorated by November 30.
  4. Send out my Christmas cards by December 1st.
  5. Get Eleni’s baptism invitations ordered and mailed out by December 1st as well.  Her baptism is on January 16 so I really need to get going on that.
  6. Donate a bag of toys that we don’t use any more.  BG is going to get more for Christmas, so in preparation for that, we need to get rid of some.  I also think he just needs to learn about giving to those who are less fortunate.
  7. Bake Christmas cookies.  I failed at getting any Halloween cookies made, so we need to bake Christmas cookies if only for Santa and company at our own house.
  8. Finish Christmas shopping by December 13.  That’s the last day we will be in Vegas.  Last year I had most of my shopping finished before we went down, but then there are certain people that I buy gifts for while we’re there, so as much as I would like to be done before we even go, it won’t happen, but I don’t want to shop before we get home.

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