Friday Five


I love Christmas cards–both sending and receiving them.  I usually order from Shutterfly because it’s easy and I like their paper quality, but I hate the Shutterfly logo on the back.  This year I’ve found an Etsy card that I really like.  I can buy the digital file and print the card myself, but I’m curious if you have a favorite place to print.  I want the card on card stock rather than photo paper.


Like everyone else, I get so tired of the daily “what’s for dinner?” question.  I feel like we eat the same recipes over and over.  I stumbled upon this baked taco recipe this week and I decided that’s what we’ll have tonight.  I hope that we enjoy it because they look delicious!

Baked Queso Tacos


I’ve been wanting to have an ugly sweater Christmas party for awhile now and I kept telling my mom to save her old Christmas sweaters for me.  I think we’re actually doing the ugly sweater theme now this year and I have my mom’s sweaters, but they fit me so weird that I dread it.  Then I found a whole section of ugly Christmas sweaters on Nordstrom’s website.  I’ll probably stick to my mom’s sweaters because they are authentic and I don’t really want to spend money on a one-time use item, but I have to admit that these would be much more flattering.



In just about a month I’m turning 30.  Is it lame that I have no exciting plans, nor do I think I even want a party?


I’m obsessed with all things gold and glittery for EJ this holiday season.  I really need to order her a sparkly bow!  Obviously the bigger the better, so it would definitely be the 4″!


And that’s all for now.  I hope you have a great weekend!


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