Happy New Year! Favorites of 2015

I always love reading lists of people’s favorite products/apps/whatever, so I thought I’d share my top list of “things” from 2015:

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SD card reader for iPhone.  So I love social media.  I post on Instagram all the time, and that’s the biggest reason why I don’t use my Canon Rebel.  I should use it because the quality of pictures is so much better, but it takes too much time for me to go upload the pictures onto my computer, then to send to my phone and to then finally upload.  The new Canon Ti6 has bluetooth so you can immediately post pictures.  Well, since I’m not about to go spend a fortune on a new camera just so I can post instantly, I researched until I found an SD card reader for an iPhone.  Just as a tip–only buy one from Apple.  Based on everything I read, non-Apple readers usually don’t work.  For $29, this is a quick solution to my seemingly trivial first-world problem!

Chatbooks.  I’m late to this game, but I just ordered chatbooks for my 2015 pictures.  I have lofty goals of someday sitting down to scrapbook, but meanwhile these are a great way to at least get some pictures printed!  Plus, each book is only $8.  How can I beat that?  The only word of caution I have is to make sure your captions on Instagram are something you would want to print in a book or else you’ll have to go edit them.  You might start seeing my captions change tone for this reason.

Rodan + Fields AMP Roller.  While I was pregnant with EJ my face broke out and I got brown spots.  I started using Rodan + Fields because it was safe for the baby.  I love the entire product line, but absolutely love the AMP roller, which is a micro-exfoiliation for my face.  I use the roller every night, then apply the Nightly Serum which contains retinol, and I can see a very noticeable difference.  My skin looks so much softer and healthier.  It’s amazing.

Amazon Prime.  Living in a small town, my shopping options are limited.  It’s also hard to shop when I come into town every morning and I’m 20 minutes from Walmart.  A 40 minute round-trip drive just to shop isn’t feasible that often, especially since I don’t love shopping with my kids, so Amazon Prime’s 2 day shipping is my favorite thing.  I don’t use it for groceries (I try to stock up at Walmart every couple weeks, then just get the perishables at the small grocery store town as I need them), but if I need diapers or other things in between, Prime usually is my best option.  I’ve totally recouped the $100 sign-up in what I’ve saved on shipping throughout the year.

Yeti Tumbler.  I sip on coffee from about 8 am until early afternoon (when I move on to Diet Dr. Pepper!).  I love how the Yeti Tumbler keeps my drink hot for as long as I need.  DG also got one of these and he loves it!  A Yeti tumbler would be an awesome gift idea for your husband or dad if not for yourself.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.  So maybe it’s pathetic that I’m admitting this, but I was 29 before I tried my first primer on my face!  Seriously.  I had used primer on my eyelids for years, but never thought about using primer under my face makeup–I’d always just applied moisturizer first.  I would constantly be annoyed with my face makeup seeming to be gone by 11 am every day and finally asked the girls at Sephora what I needed to do to fix this.  Enter the Smashbox Primer.  Life changer.

What are your favorite things of 2015?  Leave a comment with anything that I need to check out in 2016!

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