This is Thirty

My birthday was a few weeks ago and I turned 30(!!!).  We had a family Christmas party on the actual day of, so DG had told me we were going to dinner the night before.  I said okay, but when it came down to it, I got home that afternoon and the kids and I were pretty settled in.  DG called around 6 pm asking me to come give him a ride so we could go to dinner.  He was really sketchy on the phone and I kept asking why his truck was unavailable and why he couldn’t borrow another vehicle.  I reluctantly said I’d load the kids and come pick him up at my in-laws’ house.  When we pulled in, I sent BG into the house to get his dad.  A few minutes later my father-in-law was calling me on the phone saying that I needed to come in and look at some Christmas decorations, that it would only take a minute and that he’d come out and get the baby.  I said “if it will only take a minute, the baby can stay in the truck because she’s asleep.”  He seemed caught off guard and told me to come in anyway–at that point I had a slight feeling that DG had some sort of party planned, but I decided I’d just go with it.  I left the truck running so the baby would stay warm and walked up to the back door.  I opened it and saw the whole family standing there with balloons and a party.  They’d been waiting for me for an hour!  The absolute best part was that BG came running up to me and said “I knew all along.  I planned the party.  I was just pretending I didn’t want to come over.”  It was pretty dang cute!  And my sweet husband cooked my birthday meal of spaghetti and meatballs.  Maybe turning 30 isn’t so bad after all!


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