My Everyday Jewels

Just like every girl, I love pretty jewelry, but I don’t wear a ton of it. I like to wear pretty pieces and wear the same things often.  Obviously I’ll change it up when I am trying to dress a little fancier or if I’m going somewhere that turquoise is appropriate, but for the most part, I wear the same things every day.


Engagement/wedding ring.  I love my ring.  DG did such an amazing job picking it out.  When we first started talking about things like wedding rings I told him I loved David Yurman cables and honestly, all of the pictures of my “dream rings” had some sort of DY characteristics, if they weren’t DY themselves.  He ended up going to a jeweler and designing a ring with his brand on both sides of the diamond.  His brand is a bar over a backward “C”.  Upon first glance to someone seeing it and not knowing us, the “C” kind of looks like a horseshoe, but it’s actually his brand.  It’s not DY, but it’s unique and I love it!

DY bracelet. I got this when I turned 18 from my grandparents. I used to save it for special occasions but now I wear it daily.

John Hardy bracelet. My parents gave me this for my 25th bracelet. I had a couple different DY rings, necklaces and the bracelet I mentioned above. I really wanted an open cable bracelet with black diamonds, but my mom said she found this John Hardy with black diamonds and decided to get it because it was different and not like everyone else who was wearing an ever popular DY bracelet (this was back in 2010, think about it). I actually love the John Hardy and think it looks great paired with my DY to wear all the time.

Brand necklace. My MIL gave me a pendant of DG’s brand last year. I put it on a DY box chain (see my obsession with DY?!) and love to wear it. It’s different but still simple looking. I also really like the box chain because it’s sturdy cand I don’t have to worry it will break like I do some of my other necklaces.

Earrings. I have a pair of diamond earrings that I wear every single day without fail. I sleep in my earrings and only take them out to clean them about once a week. I bought these as a graduation present to myself after law school. Sometimes I try to put on a pair of dangly earrings to be fashionable but I don’t feel like myself and always go back to my diamond studs! They are tried and true!

What pieces of jewelry do you wear every day?

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