Building a Home


Everyone thinks that building a new home sounds fun, and it’s exciting because you’ll get a new home, a blank canvas to decorate, shiny appliances and (hopefully) a lot of space. Then there’s the other camp–those who have already been thru the building process–who tell you it’s awful, and a test of their marriage. Right now, home building is definitely testing my marriage. From debates over whether our ceiling should be dry wall or tongue and groove, to which appliances we should choose, to the layout of our kitchen, this is a hard process! Only time will tell how things will turn out and who will “win” each disagreement, but so far I’ve learned the following lessons in home building:


  1. While saving money to owner-build sounds good, it’s really more of a pain than it’s worth. Hire a general contractor. They’ll take the headache out of building for you.
  2. Get a good architect. Not all architects are created equally. Some understand your vision, while others don’t.
  3. Involve an interior designer early in the project. Learn the difference between a designer and a decorator.

Here’s to hoping that these 2x4s become a home soon!

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