Friday Five

Welcome to another edition of the five things I’m loving or talking about this week, linking up with April and friends again.  Let’s jump right in!


I’m all about the fake tan, year round.  When I was younger I spent countless hours at the pool in the summertime and had the best tan.  Then in college I spent my fair share of time in the tanning beds.  The past 6 or 7 years though I’ve been worried about skin cancer so I’m a huge lover of self tanner.  I feel like I’ve tried them all.  My favorite spray on self tanner is Neutrogena.  It’s quick and produces an instant tan.  The one thing I don’t like about this one is how it gets a little too dark and apparently looks fake because my SIL always notices when I’ve used it, and it has a grainy/gritty look when the color fades.  My absolute favorite all around self tanner is the Rodan + Fields Foaming Self Tanner.  The foam both absorbs into your skin and dries quickly, both major pluses because I hate walking around the house waiting for self tanner to dry.  It smells good too, and because it’s made by dermatologists, it doesn’t have any cancer causing ingredients or cause breakouts.  I also really like that the color develops as you layer more applications, but it can also just give you that glowy look if that’s all you want.

R+F Foaming Self Tanner


Last Sunday we watched RFDTV’s The American.  This is the third year for this awesome one-day rodeo where 2 Million Dollars(!!!) is at stake.  The way it works is the winner of each event gets $100,000 and second place pays $25,000.  Then there’s a 1 Million Dollar side pot available where if one of the athletes who qualified to compete at The American (rather than an invited champion)  wins an event he or she is eligible for the 1 Million (or a share of it if there’s more than one qualifier winner).  The first year there was a qualifier who won the 1 Million (plus his $100,000 for winning his event).  Last year two qualifiers split the 1 Million and this year saddle bronc rider Wade Sundell won to keep the 1 Million all to himself.  This rodeo is absolutely life changing for the winners and it’s so awesome that the sport of rodeo is finally evolving an paying more!



I really need a backpack style diaper bag for when I want to be handsfree with EJ.  Enter the Jujube BFF.  I looked at them at the store this week and didn’t totally love them, but I think it was the prints that they had.  I’ve now watched a million YouTube videos (Did you know it’s a thing to make a video on how to pack your diaper bag?) on them and I’m convinced that I need the Jujube BFF.  Look how pretty it is!  It can be worn as a backpack or messenger style, which I love the flexibility.  If we were to go to Disneyland I could use a regular backpack, but for daily handsfree usage, I think this is the way to go.

Jujube BFF Diaper Bag


There are so many little details in building a house.  This week I learned that the little rubber things the water comes out of on newer shower heads are made of rubber so they don’t get hard water build up.  Now I notice details like that wherever I go, like at a hotel.  It’s such a learning process.

Moen Brantford


I’m sure I’m not alone in saying I loved binge watching Fuller House on Netflix this week.  The first episode was pretty bad, but after that I started getting into it.  It’s a good time filler and has some cute throwbacks and puns so that’s why I continued watching.


Well that’s all I have today.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the warm weather!


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