Eleni’s Hemangioma: 1 Year Update


Last week I took EJ to the eye doctor for a check up.  We were hopeful that the hemangioma behind her eye would start to go away when she turned a year old, but it hasn’t.  Today marks one year since we first took EJ to the doctor to ask why her eye was protruding forward.  I’ll never forget March 9th because it was actually our engagement day in 2013, then two years later it turned into the scariest day of my life.  The unknowns about what was wrong with EJ’s eye was the scariest feeling.  The doctors told us it was a tumor, but we didn’t know if it was cancerous or how they were going to remove it.  We went home that night terrified, waiting for EJ’s MRI the following morning.  DG and I prayed over her, terrified of our daughter being sedated and scared what the MRI results would show.  I’m sure I didn’t sleep a wink that night.  We got to the hospital super early, feeling really down.  It was so sad to see my innocent 6 week old on a hospital gurney being poked and prodded, with an IV stuck into her tiny hand.  After the MRI we waited several hours for the results.  EJ was traipsed from the hospital to a retina doctor’s clinic while hooked up to all the machines.  They wouldn’t let us feed her as she woke up from the sedation in case we were going to have to go into emergency surgery too.  Finally her doctor read the MRI and said it was a non-cancerous tumor–a hemangioma–that we would treat with medication.  Praise the Lord!  Then that’s when the treatment started.  Although it’s disappointing that the hemangioma hasn’t gone away like we expected, I’m so thankful that it wasn’t cancer, and I’m thankful that she hasn’t had to have surgery.  I really hope it eventually goes away, but if we have to give her medicine forever, it’s still better than cancer or surgery.  We’re so lucky for modern medicine and I’m so happy that EJ still has her vision!  She’s definitely the cutest patient her doctor saw that day too!



  1. Love being an aunt to this little spit fire! Can’t imagine life without her cute giggle hemangioma and all!

  2. So heart breaking to think of what you guys and she has endured. Hopefully one day it does go away, but you are right the most important part is her eyesight and health. :).

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