Arches Hike

If you’ve ever looked at a Utah license plate, you’ve undoubtedly seen Delicate Arch.  Over Easter break, my kids and I hiked Arches National Park with my sister in law, Page.  I’d visited the Arches on a 4th grade field trip, but didn’t remember much about them other than my trip being really hot.  Now I’m definitely not a hiker, but we thought it would be a fun day trip to do with the kids, especially since Arches is right in our backyard.  Literally, you can enter the backside of Arches about 15 miles away from where our camp trailer is parked on the desert.  There’s only a barb wire fence keeping the cows on our allotment and out of the Park.

We first walked to the North and South Window arches.



Then we visited the Double Arch. Since Aunt Page is so nice, she took BG hiking up the arch and then into a nearby cave. I didn’t dare go on so much slick rock with EJ on my back.  I’m not the steadiest of hikers and I didn’t want to fall and land on her or have some sort of wreck.



Then we finally headed to Delicate Arch.  You know, the famous one that’s displayed on the Utah license plates!  BG was so excited to see it.  We walked over to it and he said “I can’t wait to just touch it!”  His pure innocence looking at the beauty of nature was pretty cool.




That was our longest hike.  I think it took about an hour and a half round trip so by the time we were back to the truck it was starting to get a little chilly and EJ was done.  I’m sure that it’s not all that comfortable to ride on my back.  Next time I want to try a hiking pack instead of the Ergo.  Anyway, we got finished and our last stop was the Sand Arch which I promised BG he’d love.  I was right–he was doing cartwheels and flips and didn’t want to leave the soft sand, but it was too cold so we finally ended our trip.


If you haven’t been to the Arches and like to hike, I highly recommend it!  They are definitely worth seeing at least once!

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