Track Life

Last summer my father in law bought a race horse.  It’s been getting trained all winter and it was finally time for its first race.  Now my knowledge of the racing industry is pretty limited to the Thoroughbred series that I read as a kid, watching the Kentucky Derby on TV and going to a few small hometown races.  First things first, this isn’t a track where the spectators dress up.  I saw people wearing everything under the sun, but EJ wore a dress and was the cutest spectator there!  Secondly, there are different heats, and the top 8 horses out of all of the heats are invited back in a few weeks for the big race where prize money is involved.  So it doesn’t actually matter if your horse wins first in its heat if it’s not in the top 8 overall.

Our horse took second in his heat but was in 10th place when everything was said and done.  Obviously that isn’t the greatest because he doesn’t get to go back for the big money race, but it’s not bad, especially since he’s only 2 and this was his first ever race.  He’ll still race elsewhere, when my father in law and the trainer decide exactly where, which means there are more races to watch in our future.  It also means that I have to keep EJ looking cute for the day she visits the winner’s circle with Grandpa!


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