The Daily Ranch Wife Duties

Keeping a clean, organized home isn’t a small feat.  Don’t get me wrong, I know that keeping any home clean is a chore, especially if you’re working, but over the past couple years I’ve come to realize just how hard it is when you’re married and you aren’t the only one living in the house.  My husband doesn’t clean, so he doesn’t worry about spilling coffee grounds on the counter or tracking mud in the house because the cleaning fairy will pick up.  He’s not a pig and doesn’t do this purposely, but he does it, and it DRIVES.ME.NUTS.  Seriously.  Add that onto jobs that only a ranch wife can relate to, and I basically have a full time job on top of my job.  Just a few of the random ranch wife duties that I’ve had to do over the past couple weeks:

  • DG’s dad brought home Rocky Mountain Oysters for DG to clean and freeze for his business partner.  Thankfully DG did the work (I refused to touch them!), but it meant extra cleaning and sanitizing my countertops, sink and a full clean out of my fridge because they made it smell bad.
  • Took calls for guys wanting us to hire them for spring work–and then only passed along the good ones to DG so he didn’t have to waste too much of his time.
  • Interrupted homework hour with BG to go give DG and his cowboy a ride, which subsequently turned into helping them haul cattle for a few hours before dinner.  Needless to say, homework didn’t get finished that evening.  BG was happy!
  • Helped DG pair up cows and calves on my lunch hour.
  • Errands included ordering ear tags for the cows, picking up vaccine, taking a horse to the vet and picking up a saddle from getting repaired.
  • Paperwork is never ending.  In the fall we keep a lot of records on cattle pregnancy, vaccinations and weights.  Now that it’s spring, we have papers all over the house that I try to keep organized for bull data, AI dates and the dates calves are born and loads of cattle brought home from the desert.
  • A couple nights my dinner didn’t get eaten–by the time DG got done gathering cows and was headed home it was late and he and his crew were hungry, so they just stopped and ate rather than the single guys having to go to camp and cook themselves while DG came home and ate dinner at about midnight.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the life we live and I’m so grateful for all of the opportunities that it provides, but it’s not the typical routine of so many households.  Some of my “jobs” can get frustrating, but they’re necessary in order for us to run a successful business.  I just have to remember that my husband is busy and if he doesn’t always say thank you, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate it, but that he just forgot to say so and I’ve hopefully made his day a little bit easier.

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