Life Lately

Things have been insanely busy around here lately.  So busy that I don’t even have many good pictures to show.  How sad is that?

We went to the ERA rodeo in Salt Lake and the kids met Tuf Cooper.  BG was beyond thrilled.  He was super shy, but so polite when he answered Tuf’s questions.  EJ wasn’t too impressed to meet him.  In fact, she cried when he held her for a picture.



The kids have played together a lot.  EJ is turning into an electronics fiend just like the rest of them, and it is driving me crazy.  Any time she sees our cell phones she screams until someone gives in and hands it to her.  I’ve tried giving her an old dead phone or a play phone and she knows the difference and doesn’t want them.


Soccer season has started, which means that the weather got bad again. It seems like we’ve already watched more games from the seat of the truck than we have out on the field. This particular game did have nice weather though. BG is already kind of over playing soccer and is looking forward to baseball season.


BG is learning fractions and mother helping has ended for the school year.  Only 4 more weeks and he’ll be promoted to 3rd grade!


EJ was sick over the past weekend.  She got a stomach bug and was the saddest, sick baby I have seen.  I now know why moms say that their babies cuddle with them while they are sick though.  EJ wouldn’t let me put her down and it was rather enjoyable to have a sweet cuddly baby for a little bit.  I loved being able to watch TV and have her laying there with me.  Also, check out her super cute outfit!


That’s about all that’s new in our world.  Our house is being insulated and dry wall should finally get hung this week.  Then it’s time to get to work finishing the thing up!

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