Summer is Over

I guess it’s time to blog again after taking the summer off.  BG started 3rd grade and is loving it.



He’s really excited about the year!  Our school district is one of very few left in the state that allows an overnight field trip.  Each year the third graders visit a campground and the Forest Service provides two days of lessons on the outdoors, animals, etc.  They have been doing this since DG was in third grade, so BG is pretty excited to be doing the same thing!

Homework time is already a struggle.  BG just hates to do it.  He has 10 minutes of math, 20 minutes of reading and spelling word practice.  In all reality it shouldn’t take longer than an hour, but it has been so difficult to get him to buckle down and get it done so he can go on with his day.  I’ve tried a chore chart, rewards, punishments….I’m not sure what to do to help it go more smoothly.  What are your tried and true tricks to get the homework done every day?

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