Dear Moms, Get in the picture.


Last week BG was making a poster about himself for school.  I suggested that he include a family photo then I proceeded to look for one that he could use.  We took a family picture when we did Eleni’s newborns and then we have (a not so great) one from the NFR last December (see above!!).  That’s it!  There have been TWO pictures of our family in nearly 20 months.  That made me so sad.  I have a ton of pictures of DG with either or both kids as well as selfies of me and the kids, but just the two of all four of us.  I think that as women we’re so worried about our body issues, clothing choices, hair and makeup that we’re often hesitant to be in a picture to begin with, then as moms we’re so concerned about our kids smiling, if they are having fun, capturing the perfect moment, etc. that sometimes we forget that the moment is perfect simply because we’re there and we do’t get in the picture.  I need to be better about asking DG to take pictures of the kids and I, but I also need to ask friends and family to take a picture of us when we’re all together too.  I don’t want to be Negative Nancy here, but honestly, if something happened to any of us, I don’t want to be regretting a lack of pictures together and then when it’s time for school projects I also don’t want my kids to be limited in their choices either.  If you think about it, how many pictures do you have with your whole family?

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