Friday Five

I haven’t done a Friday Five post since back in May!  Boy has time flown.  Anyhow, I wanted to get back on the wagon and share with you five of my favorite things right now.



I pretty much love all things Rodan + Fields because I don’t want to look old, but my new love is Acute Care.  Last night was my 4th use of the strip between my eyebrows on my “elevens” and I can already see a noticeable difference.  While I sleep the liquid peptides in the strips are able to fill my wrinkles.  It’s so cool!  Plus, it doesn’t hurt like Botox and it costs far less!  Try it; your face will thank me later.



My hair girls and friends Jesilyn and Morgan both started selling Lipsense over the summer.  I am obsessed.  I’ve never been a huge lipstick girl because it requires liner and never lasts long, but Lipsense stays on for hours!  It doesn’t kiss off, wipe off or get on your drink glass.  They have both been great about helping me find colors and branch out of my comfort zone a little bit too.  I now have some darker purples/reds for fall and I’m excited to wear them!



One of my current “life goals” is to take more pictures.  Not only do I just want some nice pictures (better quality than my iPhone) to have, but I’m hoping that the more I take, maybe I’ll have some great pictures to frame for the new house.  I bought this telephoto zoom lens a few weeks ago and have loved using it to take scenic pictures as the leaves have changed and fallen.



I’ve been going to a weight gym class the last couple months 3 days a week and am loving it!  From March to July I was doing another program that involved a lot of cardio/HIIT workouts/weights.  It was an awesome jump start for me because it helped me get into a workout routine, I learned about counting macros and I got confidence in my abilities.  This new class now though is better for me because it’s small (like 3-4 people) so it’s very individualized and my trainer really watches to make sure I’m lifting correctly to get the most out of what I’m doing.  I can see I’m getting some definition, but my diet has been awful, so I know why I’m not losing weight.  That said though, I’ve done a ton of research on cardio vs. weight training for fat loss and I’m on team weight training!  I think this article gives a good explanation.



If you want shiny hair, you totally need to try this product out!  It’s even hairdresser approved!

Well, that’s it for this week.  Maybe next week won’t be so full of beauty products, but seriously, they are what I love!  I hope you all have a great weekend!


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