I hope you had great Halloween like we did!  In true last-minute fashion, we waited until Halloween-eve to carve our pumpkins.

Eleni just hung out and watched her dad carve hers.


After breaking his finger and getting stitches a couple weeks ago, BG got a pumpkin carving drill for his pumpkin.  Here he is intensely using the drill.  Unfortunately it didn’t work very well so DG got out the real drill.  He also made this white pumpkin into a ghost for me to use at BG’s class party.  The other room moms and I changed it up this year and instead of games, we had a Mad Scientist party and did some Halloween science experiments, complete with a pumpkin spewing ooze.


BG wore 3 different costumes this year.  He was an astronaut for our family party, a bull rider at school and a pirate to trick or treat.  Eleni was a Care Bear and didn’t love the headpiece of her costume.  Fortunately before the night was over we finally put it on her and she left it there.  I’ll be sure to take note next year and avoid a costume with a hat.  I loved that this was a warm costume though because some years Halloween is so cold.


The aftermath of trick or treating.  Eleni finally gets it and thinks it’s fun!


BG wanted to trick or treat at our own house!


End of the night for these two!

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