Christmas in Pictures

We had a white Christmas, but it was way too cold to be outside and enjoy it. Our wood stove has been running constantly to heat our house and save on our propane.  I love the warm heat, but it’s drying out our skin and hair like crazy.  I feel like I’m constantly lotioning myself and the kids and I start every morning with a bad hair day just because it’s so dry.  Anyone with a miracle to fix that problem would be my hero, so let me know.

Anyhow, I’ve taken a million pictures over Christmas, so starting off.

Eleni wasn’t a fan of Santa.  She likes to see him in pictures, on movies or on her shirt, but seeing him in real life was terrifying.


Bentley didn’t mind.  He finally decided a week before Christmas what he was going to ask for, and that was an electric train.


Another try after she saw all of the other kids with Santa, but she still wasn’t playing.

I’m obsessed with this smocked bishop dress that I found from Carousel Wear. This is only the second smocked dress she’s had and since they aren’t very popular here in Utah everyone (my husband included) said she was wearing her polygamist dress (because of course, that is popular!).  Ugh. I know it was all jokes, but seriously, I think traditional outfits like this are so cute and wished they knew she was styling. dsc00291

Hanging out with Aunt Page at the family Christmas party.  How cute is she in her sequin pants and vest!dsc00380

Second family Christmas party with DG’s family and Santa made another appearance. Thankfully BG stuck to asking for an electric train and didn’t change it up. dsc00438

This time Grandma wasn’t even able to put Eleni on Santa’s lap and get away for a picture. The minute Santa walked in the room Eleni’s face got red and she started wringing her little hands.  It was actually quite sad to see how anxious she got!

Santa made his way through the snow to our house and brought the kids all that they wanted, and then some!

DG’s cousin was staying at our house on Christmas Eve and I told BG that as long as you have your stocking, Santa can always find you and he found cousin Jimmy.dsc00510

They seem pretty happy with what Santa delivered! BG’s train is a battery operated Polar Express by Lionel brand, which seems to be one of the more popular train sets. He also got a metal detector, Muck boots and a Mip robot.  Eleni’s teepee is from Land of Nod.  It was surprisingly easy to set up and is really sturdy.  She also got an American Girl Bitty Baby with a bag of accessories and a cheap Amazon stroller.  That was definitely the highlight of her gifts because now the baby goes everywhere with us. Her snow boots are Land’s End and perfect for getting on a little kid.

Santa also brought each of the kids a Border Collie puppy. The box between their piles had collars and a note telling them to go outside and see their special surprise present.  They were too smelly to bring inside so I’m glad Santa was smart and left them in the horse trailer.

Eleni was so precise when she opened presents. I love how BG was right there to help if she needed it. dsc00549

This is the face of pure joy. While we were in Vegas BG begged for a bucking chute. Aunt Page and Uncle Tait came through and gave it to him!dsc00557

Playing in the teepee after all the presents were opened.dsc00587

We had my family over for Christmas Eve dinner and since I was too busy playing hostess and attempting to make sure that everything was nice, I forgot to take pictures. I’m hoping my mom got some good ones that I can use for my 2016 video. I cleaned and stressed about my house being clean for days before the party. Hopefully it met expectations although the light fixtures over my bar were a little dusty when my brother checked them. The downfalls of a wood burning fireplace was my excuse and really I think it’s true because I had just barely cleaned all of the glass in the fixtures and they quickly became dusty again too. Next year though, I’ll be sure to clean them the morning of to prevent any embarrassment. It was super fun having people over to our new house though. DG and I both love our kitchen and cooking, so it was nice to have a great space.

Hope you all had a great Christmas!

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