Eleni is TWO

How is it that I put my baby to bed one night and she wakes up to be such a big girl?  Over the last 3-4 months she has grown so much.  Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too.  Honestly, Eleni knows when it’s appropriate to laugh or ask “is that funny?” after she does something silly, she can sing her ABCs, count to 10, spell her name (out loud…we’re still working on writing it down), she knows some colors and is opinionated as all get out.  Eleni likes to look pretty and touch her pretty clothes (she’ll tell you if it’s not pretty), she absolutely loves animals and being outside and she likes to copy and do what the rest of us do.

I took this picture of her last night as a 1 year old while she was sleeping last night and it hit me how big she’s gotten.  It’s so crazy to look back at her newborn pictures when she was so little in the crib.


This morning BG and I were so excited to wake Eleni up and tell her happy birthday.  I wasn’t sure that she really understood, but she opened a present at the babysitter’s house and they had balloons and cupcakes and sang to her and now she gets that birthdays are all about that special person!  Tomorrow night DG will be home and we will celebrate Eleni’s special day with a Minnie Mouse party and all of our family!


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