Travel Favorites

We’re going to Disneyland tomorrow and I’ve got vacation on my mind! Here are a few of my favorite traveling products that make the trip a little better or easier!



I love these packing cubes.  I used them for the kids when we went to Vegas in December and they are so great.  I love having organized suitcases and hate when kids are digging through it looking for a certain item and then everything becomes a mess.  Packing cubes were such a problem solver.  I’ve since ordered more for myself.



If you’re constantly using your phone (because let’s be honest, who isn’t), then of course your battery probably dies, so you need a portable phone charger!  I always have mine in my purse, and I just ordered an extra so that I won’t have to miss any photographic moments at Disneyland.  Let’s be honest, I freak out if my phone dies because what would I do if I got lost and stranded too?  I really like this one because it’s thin and light.  I don’t know if the brand necessarily matters, but just make sure you have one that has high mAhs (which is how they measure the power?) because then it gives you more charges before charging the device.


AAEY015_quickinfoThe amount of beauty/skincare products that I take depends on whether I fly or drive, but I always have my eye-cream and moisturizer.  Travel can be so hard on my face.  Usually it involves late nights and recycled indoor air, so these are a huge must have for me.



Both of my kids will be sporting these while we’re in Disneyland.  BG has his phone too, but crowds scare me.  Losing a child is probably one of my biggest fears and the thought makes me sick.  Hopefully if something bad happened, this would help us!

What are your favorite items when you travel?  Anything that I’ve missed and can go buy super last minute?


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