Friday Five

Gotta love these short weeks! Here we are coming up on a weekend again!!!  Time for another edition of my Friday favorites.


Do you watch This Is Us?  You totally need to if you don’t!  I missed seeing all of the characters in this  week’s episode, but it was a really good one nonetheless.  William’s line about wanting his granddaughters to remember looking up at him rather than looking down at him on his death bed really got me.  I mean this is a great line no matter what, but I thought of Eleni and it just killed me.  I always want her to remember looking up at me and dread the day when she has to look down.  *cue the ugly cry face*


We went to Salt Lake City last Friday and checked out the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo.  The best part of the night was our amazing dinner at Spencer’s Steakhouse.  Luckily my kids are really good at restaurants so we can go to nice places and they’ll eat and behave!


We love the Little Baby Bum nursery rhyme videos at our house.  I really think they’ve helped Eleni learn her ABCs, songs and colors.  They’re really cute!


I’m obsessed with all things Pottery Barn these days.  Look how pretty this table is!


Laugh at me all you want, but I just finished my first container of Cascade Platinum pods for my dishwasher.  They’re amazing.  I’ve been using normal powder detergent forever and finally tried these.  Life changing.  There’s no mess!  Similarly I’ve also been using Tide pods for the last 6 months or so and that’s kept my laundry room cleaner too.  If you’re not on the “pod” train yet, get there!


  1. Your blog is so fun! 🙂

  2. What a great series to do a Friday five! I’ve never watched This Is Us but I want to.

    Maria | http://finastyleblog.com

    • angsamp says:

      Thanks! You should totally join on the Friday Five fun! And I definitely recommend watching This is Us!!! It’s so good!

  3. Agh everyone keeps saying to watch it! Do you know if it has the Download option on Netflix? Maybe I can try to get it downloaded here, but my wifi isn’t good enough to stream! Pottery barn is always amazing! I also love Pier one !

  4. ssantoro555 says:

    Love how short, simple, and adorable this is! I LOVE Cascade platinum pods!!!

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