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If you asked me about my hair a couple weeks ago I’d tell you it was a hot mess. I recently got it cut and dyed and am much happier (+ blonder!). I’m trying to repair the damage from over styling it so I thought I’d share my current favorite hair products.

Shine Serum.

I bought the Pureology Hydrate Shine Max from my stylist. This is a shine serum that I apply primarily to my ends before blow drying. It’s really lightweight and not greasy like most serums. It makes my hair look smoother and shinier rather than have pieces sticking out all over.  This is a must have for our dry winter weather and it smells good too!

Heat Protectant.

I’ve been a fan of Chi products for a long time.  The thermal protection spray is good to use before blow drying and curling. It’s a fine mist so you’d think you could spray it on each section of hair before applying heat, but it actually takes awhile to dry so you need to spray it all over first. I don’t love the smell (it seems manly), but it’s worth it to have a good heat protectant.

Hair Spray.

I love when I have a good hair day and am going somewhere nice so I have to use hold hair spray so it doesn’t move, but typically I prefer something more flexible. I just got the Chi natural hold hair spray from my stylist and really like it! It holds my curls but I can still run my fingers through them. I usually don’t like heavy hold because it feels so stiff and this one is way better. This hairspray smells really good too!

Shine Spray.

I bought the Drybar Shine Spray during a Sephora VIB event last fall and I really like it. You spray it on dry, styled hair to smooth down your hair and add shine. I think it does more smoothing than shining, but I use it on second (or third) day styled hair only and let’s be honest, at that point my hair usually doesn’t need any more shine. I probably won’t buy this again since I’ll use the Pureology shine serum, but if you don’t like serums, this spray is a good option.

Texturizing Spray.

The Redken Windblown spray is also a new product from my stylist (but I won it from her at bunco, didn’t buy it!).  I use this on second day hair that already has hairspray in it. Usually I don’t curl my second day hair too much. I mostly just touch up the curls and spray this all over to help revamp them. It gives your hair an airy, windblown effect and adds life and texture. That’s definitely needed after sleeping on it.

Obviously bleaching my ends isn’t the smartest thing when I already have damaged hair, but I wanted a certain look! I usually keep my hair really healthy considering all of the bleach that’s used, so I’m actually blaming my damage on styling my hair rather than dying it. There was a time when I wasn’t diligent about using a heat protectant, and when I’m in a hurry I dry my hair at a hotter temperature than I should. Now I have a couple pieces of hair that are shorter than the others because they were basically singed off .

I might get extensions at my next appointment. Then I’d be styling the fake hair rather than my own (helping mine get healthier!), but they’re so much upkeep! I hope that if I religiously use these products my hair will be in healthier soon and I won’t want extensions so badly.

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