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bunco dinner

I hosted bunco at my house for our club last week. There are 12 of us in the group, and each month we go to someone’s house for dinner and a game of bunco. This is a new club that we formed at the first of the year, so this was only our third game together.

I had a St. Patrick’s Day theme from the decorations to the food. I bought flowers from the grocery store, added in some fresh kale for filler and put apples in the vase a la The Dishy Decorator. It looked great and was a cheap alternative to buying a floral arrangement.  I served corned beef, cabbage, carrots and potatoes, which is a pretty traditional Irish meal. I also made a green salad and pistachio salad by loosely following this recipe.

The corned beef was definitely the highlight. It’s so easy to make! Corned beef is actually a salt cured beef brisket. It’s vacuum sealed will be in the meat cooler at the grocery store (it’s widely available this time of year!). All of the corned beef that I’ve ever bought contains a seasoning packet in the packaging. I rinse the brisket, rub the seasoning on top of it, place in a crock pot and fill it with water until the brisket is slightly covered. Cook for 8 hours. You know it’s finished when you can easily insert a fork into it. Cut across the grain to slice and serve.

As for the veggies, you can cook them with the brisket during the last couple hours until they are soft. That’s usually what I do, but since I was cooking for so many people and had two briskets in each of my crockpots, I cooked the potatoes and carrots on the stove. I seasoned them with salt, pepper, onion, garlic and Greek seasoning. I sautéed the cabbage in olive oil then placed the slices on a rack on top of a cookie sheet filled with water in the oven. This essentially steamed them. I was running out of time and only cooked the cabbage in the oven for about 20 minutes on 350*. It needed another 15 minutes or so.

Lastly, dessert consisted of chocolate chip and raisin cookies fresh from the grocery store. I’m not a huge baker. I would much rather cook a meal so I decided to make dessert easy on myself. I also think that women, including myself, can be super weird about eating dessert in front of each other, so my intent was that cookies were easily grabbed and munched on rather than having a full on sit-down version of dessert. Hopefully this encouraged more people to eat it!

Now, for the important stuff…

What is bunco?

I’d always heard of bunco but until I was a substitute player for a group last summer, I hadn’t played. It’s a really easy dice rolling game where groups of four take turns rolling 3 dice trying to get a certain number. At the end of each round there are winners and losers and you move tables to play with different people during each round. The game is 6 rounds and then it’s over. It’s totally a game of chance and the only skill you need is being able to count. Depending on how much talking goes on, a game of bunco can take anywhere from 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

Bunco prizes

Each member of my group puts in $10 every month for prizes, and the host is in charge of coming up with prizes for the month. Cooking was fun for me, but the prizes were a little stressful. I did an “out to the ball game” theme. The prizes are divvied up by category:

Winner (player with the most buncos) $35: summer tote

High score of the game $20: Hydroflask

Player to get a bunco in round 6 $15: Coleman camp chair (this one is similar to what I purchased locally)

Low score $10: stadium seat

Door prizes, 2 at $8: umbrellas

Thanks for coming prizes, 4 at $4: ballgame treats–sunflower seeds, peanuts, skittles and licorice

My prizes ended up being cuter than I expected. Nobody really comes to win something amazing. It’s just fun to get something that someone else picked out, but the best part of the club is having a monthly social outing! Don’t forget to buy some corned beef for dinner on Friday!


  1. I had never heard of Bunco! It sounds like so much fun 🙂 thanks for sharing with us!! Will have to try it out one day 😀

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