Spring Cleaning & Kids’ Pay

cleaning checklist and schedule

I hate to clean, but I love a clean house. Who doesn’t? This list is a great plan for keeping a clean home. I’ve printed it, laminated it and stuck it on our bulletin board. Do you have a cleaning checklist that you follow, or do you see anything major that’s missing from mine? I know there are a ton on Pinterest. I don’t want to have a repeat of Christmas when I was so worried about the appearance of certain things that I forgot to dust the top wood piece of my kitchen bar light. My lovely brother was checking my house for dust (weird, I know) and even though the glass sparkled, he got a little dust on his finger from the wood and I was mortified.

One of my March goals was to create a chore chart for my kids. BG had one the past but we weren’t consistent about making sure he did the chores. Now that we have a nice new home, I’ve been trying to keep it super clean and expect the kids to help. I do the daily clean-up, but BG is responsible for daily pick-up of his bedroom and cleaning his bathroom and picking up the toy room once a week. Eleni has to pick up her toys (usually nightly) and helps me fold laundry and empty the dishwasher–by helping she’s usually in the way, but she’s learning! I try to give them age appropriate jobs.

I hire a cleaning lady a couple times a month. She deep cleans my bathrooms, changes our sheets, dusts, cleans the kitchen really well and does my floors, but she usually doesn’t have time to do light fixtures, baseboards, cabinets or blinds. The plan is that BG and I will split the monthly items on the cleaning checklist. I also have him sweep the garage every couple of weeks and pick up the yard if we have garbage floating around. When it comes to “extra chores” I’ve found that if I ask him to help on the day that I want the job done rather than plan it with him he fights me less, but sometimes he whines “why do I have to do that? You’re the grown up.”

That brings me to my next point. When you’re spring cleaning, do your kids get paid extra allowance? Is each extra job paid separately? Or does the extra chore replace a regular chore for the week? The other perspective is that kids are part of the family so they should help without an extra reward. I don’t know what is best here. Your experiences and thoughts are welcome, please!


  1. my mom made us clean growing up and i tried asking for allowance once…but she told my cleaning efforts covered my rent (:

    • angsamp says:

      See, that’s kind of how I feel. But I also got a little bit of allowance so then I am torn!

  2. I have always had a hard time sticking with a chore chart. I think yours is great! My oldest is 25 and my youngest 15. We always stressed that because we are a family and love one another, we help out. It is the responsibility of being in a family. We aren’t good at having cash around and so planning that can be difficult. However we often told the kids if we dig in this week and everyone helps out we will do something special like: laser tag, bowling miniature golf or a movie they had been wanting to see. My youngest does dishes all the time without being asked.

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  4. I hate cleaning home too! It is so boring… beeing organized is so important, I always do a list like your!

  5. The cleaning list is so helpful, thank you! I pinned it so that I can refer back to it later. I feel motivated to spring clean now!

  6. echoesofhervoice says:

    I think cleanliness is a part of one’s daily life and it sets yourself up to be organized and clean in other aspects of life. So I expect my children to help out in the house without any extra pay. I don’t get paid to cook and clean so why should they :)!

  7. My folks never paid me when I was growing up. They were however kind enough to feed me and give me a warm place to live 🙂 Seriously though, if you have the funds, a family reward (movies, adventures, etc.) for digging in and tackling a big project like this together would is a cool idea.

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