What Have We Been Up To?

Hey all. It’s been a minute. I’ve been neglecting my blog because hashtag work, life and mom duties have been keeping me super busy. What have we been up to you may ask.. well, here’s a glimpse into our life lately.

Kid food for the win.

I finally caved a couple nights this week and made kid friendly dinners. Lately my kids don’t like anything I cook.  This is super abnormal because they are both pretty adventurous eaters, so I hope this is just a phase! When we’re busy it seems useless to cook and have it be unappreciated. I love cooking for others and having them enjoy my food–especially new recipes, but it looks like chicken tenders, ravioli, cut up veggies, fruit and cottage cheese were the winners this week.

kid food

Mornings with Mom.

BG’s school invited the moms to come read with their children in the morning last week. I was really happy to see how many moms participated. BG has the best teacher this year and is in such a cute class. I volunteer weekly and love that I’m able to know what’s going on, who the kids are and interact with them. Third graders can be pretty funny.

morning with mom

Potty training nightmares.

Eleni is 26 months old so I thought that maybe we should try potty training. She’d rather sit on the potty fully clothed and use it as a booster chair than try to use it as intended. She finally got to where she’ll go sit on it when a timer goes off, but we’re not home consistently enough for a long enough period for her to get it. I need to stay home for a solid 3 days with her and leave her in underwear before she’s really going to get it. I’m open to any potty training tricks, tips and advice. Please leave it in the comments!!! Also, ignore the poor photography and focus on how cute my girl is here.

potty training

Gathering cattle.

It’s April, so that means spring cattle gathering has started. So far we’ve gathered and tested all of the bulls, moved pastures with some of our cattle and started gathering others. Spring break will be spent horseback and camping.

Family photo success.

All of the kids gave my mother in law a gift certificate for family pictures for her birthday in August. We tried getting them done in November, but it started raining just as it was time to take the pictures. Then we rescheduled a couple times in February and had to cancel for various reasons. We had another day in March scheduled but it snowed, so last week we finally decided to take studio pictures. However, my mother in law and the photographer decided that rather than using his studio we should do them in my house because it had room and would be more meaningful than studio pictures. We haven’t seen the final results yet, and know that they aren’t the outdoorsy pictures that we really wanted, but at least we have something. Eleni was extremely bossy about where she wanted to sit/stand for pictures and sadly it was never with me. On the plus side, I think all the kids smiled pretty well.

Well, that’s what we’ve been up to lately. Baseball starts next week so we’re bound to get busier, but I’m so excited to watch BG play this year!

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