Vegas Getaway

Over the weekend DG and I took a quick trip to Las Vegas. George Strait was playing two nights of his greatest hits so DG found us some tickets online Friday morning and we left that afternoon!  Living only 4 hours away from Las Vegas has it’s perks, such as making last minute plans. It seems like anytime we plan to go to Vegas for a weekend (like when I bought Brooks & Dunn tickets for DG’s birthday last year), something comes up and we can’t go. So even though spontaneity is against my nature, this trip worked out perfectly!

We arrived Vegas around 7 p.m. on Friday night. We booked our hotel room when we were only about an hour away and chose the Mirage so we could eat at Japonais for dinner, then Joe’s Seafood, Steak & Stone Crab the next night. Yes, we totally planned our hotel stay around food. #priorities

Sushi–sampler for DG because he likes to be adventurous, and I’ll only eat California rolls or something fried–shrimp tempura and hot rock beef. Never disappoints!

After dinner we took a Lyft to the MGM to see David Copperfield.  Simply put, he was amazing. He takes a break from his shows during the NFR, so I was excited to have the opportunity to go to his show!  I remember watching him on TV as a kid and he’s certainly aged since then, but he was entertaining.  I know that everything he does is illusions, but they are really cool.  I liked that he came out when the show started without having an opening act, and he performed for a solid hour and a half. Surprisingly, there were kids in the audience (at a 9:30 show).  He was a little bit inappropriate in the jokes he made, but now that I know kids can go, I really want to take BG to see him.  I think he would love it!

We ate breakfast at the hotel Saturday morning then ventured out to look at a new camp trailer we want to buy. If the salesman hadn’t been so slow and we could have taken it home with us the next day, we would have bought it.  After you buy a trailer they have to do a bunch of tests for the gas/water/heat on it, but they couldn’t get that done until mid-week and we would have to come back to pick it up and sign final paperwork.  That didn’t work for us.  Actually if they would let us sign in Utah and send the paperwork to Vegas with someone else (DG’s grandpa!) to pick up the trailer that would have been okay too, but they said no…so we said no.  One thing I’ve learned is that you have to pass a deal if the terms aren’t good for you.  DG and I absolutely can’t leave town again to drive to Las Vegas for a trailer this week, so we’ll wait and hopefully find another one.  It was a super nice trailer, so it’s kind of hard to pass up, but that’s life!

This floor plan makes this trailer so functional for our family!

On our way back to the Mirage, DG spotted a busy restaurant just off the strip called Bahama Breeze.  Apparently it’s a chain back East, but we had never heard of it.  They had a covered patio and it was a fun lunch spot!

Fried lobster with lobster mac and cheese. Delicious!

Back at the Mirage DG played a little blackjack, I went to the Forum Shops, we took a short nap, then got ready for George Strait.

Duster from Southern Bound, Zara romper and MK wedges. I somehow forgot to pack socks, so I opted not to wear my boots.

At the George Strait concert in December he had an opening act, then a 20 minute intermission, so we decided to skip the opener and arrive to the concert a little late.  We got there around 9 p.m. and had just the right amount of time to grab drinks and get to our seats before he came on stage at 9:15.  This concert was better than December because it was a solid two hours of George Strait number ones, then he came back on stage for the encore and played a few classics that never made number one.

The only picture we took together all weekend.

Our seats were 12th row (after the floor seating)–pretty good for buying them the day before, and well priced since they were last minute.

Sunday morning we woke up bright and early so we could come home to Eleni.  BG was gone for the weekend, so Eleni had Grandma and Grandpa’s full attention and wasn’t too excited to see us when we got back!  We’re so lucky that they are willing to babysit and that she loves to go with them!

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