Orthodox Easter fell on the same Sunday as American Easter this year. Typically, I don’t do a whole lot for American Easter. We dye eggs and the Easter bunny comes, but we don’t really celebrate. Then on Orthodox Easter we celebrate with my family. I grew up only having one Easter, but since I’m in a mixed religion home, I’ve decided to do the commercial side on American Easter and then focus on the resurrection for Orthodox Easter.

Eleni and I went to Price and attended Good Friday services.

Church started at 7, got over around 9:15 and we were home by 11:30 p.m, which is when I took this picture. She wasn’t exactly excited, but at least cooperated.

Eleni's dress

Typically Easter Sunday involves going back to Price and celebrating with family and friends.  My parents host a great Easter lunch with a whole lamb and and other excellent food.  My only contributions are usually an appetizer and dessert.  However, Easter this year was at the same time as one of our off-dates for the desert, meaning the cows needed to be gathered.  DG and I were trying to get enough finished that we could leave and celebrate, but ended up having a long day on our horses and missed out.

Eleni stayed with my in-laws and looked like a homeless tourist on Easter morning.  She’s at that age where she wants to pick her clothes herself and would rather look like a ragamuffin than Mom’s little doll baby!

On Monday night BG got home from Spring Break and the kids got their Easter baskets together. It was definitely a non-typical, strange Easter for us. I hope next year we’re able to celebrate as a family!

I hope you all had a nice Easter! Xristos Anesti!

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