Real Life Happenings (In Pictures)

Our life has been insanely busy lately. From about April 15th to June 1st we’re gathering cattle off the deserts, trucking them home, branding and vaccinating calves and putting the cows out on pasture. Most afternoons you can find Eleni and I helping either DG or the crew brand. Eleni loves to go see the calves and has been a trooper to just hang out and play while I work, except for the one afternoon she didn’t get a nap and required me to hold her while I juggled three vaccines and the ear notcher. But, we won’t hold that against her because she’s pretty cute and sweet most of the time.

My nephew Oliver has also been coming to help us. He loves to play with Eleni and is helpful because he keeps her entertained.

We’ve also spent quite a few days on the desert. Unfortunately the wind blows from March-June out there, so the weather hasn’t been too enjoyable.

Eleni loves to check on the horses. She asks to pet each and every horse and sometimes sits and has a chat with her dad.

BG’s days are filled with baseball. He has two games a week, plus practices twice a week as well. Eight year old kids struggle to pitch so the game is full of walks, but he’s learning the fundamentals and having a great time.

We added two pet ducks to our family. They have been doing well, but now we have cold, wet weather so I’ve had to put them back under a heat lamp and I’m a little worried about them.

Eleni is also obsessed with baby dolls right now. She likes to play going to the store and taking the baby to grandma’s house. She has a flat lego that she calls her cell phone and walks around holding it between her ear and shoulder while pushing her baby. It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

That’s just a glimpse into the fun we’ve been having lately!




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