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True Life Confessions

Pretend we’re out for coffee or drinks and having girl talk. Here’s what I’d probably talk about.  Sorry in advice for the whiny, but that’s what girlfriends are for.  You can’t whine to your husband all day long or even about certain things, so you go out with your girls! Stubborn two-year old behavior is […]


Backyard Dreams

One of the worst parts of building a new home is not having a yard. We didn’t budget for that in our loan, hoping that we would have extra money at the end and put it in this summer. Well, we didn’t have extra, but we have saved and plan on putting a yard in–it’s […]


Summer Essentials

It’s only the middle of June, but it’s extremely hot already! We’re settling into our summer routine and having a lot of fun. I thought I’d share a few essentials for our family this summer. The Pool. First up, I bought a small pool for our back porch over the weekend. With the city being closed this […]


Cowboys Aren’t All Made Equal

Buy a hat and a pair of boots and call yourself a cowboy.  Isn’t that how it works? Think again. We’re currently advertising that we’re hiring a ranch hand.  I couldn’t even say cowboy on the job posting because I’ll get so many applicants who will refuse to do anything but ride a horse if the […]

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