True Life Confessions

Pretend we’re out for coffee or drinks and having girl talk. Here’s what I’d probably talk about.  Sorry in advice for the whiny, but that’s what girlfriends are for.  You can’t whine to your husband all day long or even about certain things, so you go out with your girls!

Stubborn two-year old behavior is getting to me.

Of course I love my daughter, but EJ is gaining so much independence right now and thinks she’s always right, can do everything by herself and gets really mad if she doesn’t get her way. I’m trying to exercise patience, but sometimes it’s easier to tell her it’s time for a nap than to continue the battle.

Do your kids read paper books only or also read on the Kindle?

We don’t live close to a bookstore and it seems like BG is always running out of “good” (his words, not mine) books to read.  I’ve been considering letting him download some books to his iPad on the Kindle app.  I know that the concern is he’ll play games instead of read during reading time, but are there any other real problems with doing this?  Obviously we’ll still buy paper books too, but I thought this would give him more options.  Thoughts on this???  He’s almost 9 and will be in 4th grade if that matters.

Trendy stores can make me feel like a cow.

I ordered a couple cute dresses for our upcoming vacation (more on that later) and had to get a size XL, which is like a 6-8.  What is with certain stores thinking that’s the largest size they need to go to?

I’m finally getting on the refurbished furniture wagon.

After years of seeing refurbished tables and dressers, I’m finally seeing some that I like!  There’s a girl in my hometown who has started a business of re-doing furniture for other people and some of the pieces are gorgeous.  I’ve been doing a lot of research on it and want to do a couple bookshelves and my old dollhouse with BB Frosch chalk paint.  Basically, it’s a powder that you add to your normal paint, making the chalk paint process way cheaper.  I’d love to eventually re-do my kitchen table and then buy new chairs, but that’s a project I’ll likely have to hire out.

I want to get rid of the guest room in our house.

Our old house only had 3 bedrooms.  DG’s cousin used to come stay with us for a few weeks at a time, but when EJ was born he was relocated to an air mattress in the family room and didn’t stay as often.  Over the winter he stayed at our new house for a couple months while he worked for us.  Now I have another houseguest who works for us staying in the guest room.  They don’t really bother me and are quiet, but it’s one more person to feed and clean up after (because heaven forbid they help with dishes), and I feel uncomfortable walking around my house in pajamas after I shower, so that means I have to be completely ready for bed before I retreat to my room.  I just miss my privacy.  It’s weird and awkward.  I’m currently taking applications for what I can do with my guest room.  Crafts?  Piano room?  Oversized closet?

I need new recipe ideas.

Yes, I know Pinterest is full of ideas, but I want some recommendations that are tried and true.  Requirements are pretty simple–no chicken, quick (30 minutes or less), preferably something we can grill.  I feel like we’ve eaten hamburgers at least 3 times over the past week, tacos once and I’m not even sure what else the other days.  So, ideas please.

And because I can’t let a good picture go to waste, or post without any pictures since that would be boring, I give you this gem of my kids roping the dummy with DG on Father’s Day.


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