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I was in a discussion last week about what people’s favorite iPhone apps are and I learned that I had been missing out on a lot! Obviously I have the main social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, as well as my banking apps, but here are some other apps that either I love or that were recommended to me.


My hair girl encourages all of her clients to use Venmo to pay her. You link your bank account or credit card to your account and can send and receive payments. I don’t totally know the benefits of Venmo versus Paypal or Square, but she did say that she can receive more payments with Venmo each week than she could with the other two platforms. Plus, it’s really easy and I like that. I have a lot of friends who use Venmo when they go out to eat and split the bill or to send siblings money for joint parent gifts, etc.

TurboScan Pro

My phone serves as my virtual scanner. When I’m working from home, my truck or the ranch office it’s so nice to be able to use my phone to scan and e-mail documents. If you’re self employed or on the go a lot, this app is one you definitely need.


I haven’t used Open Table yet, but I hear that if you eat out in big cities often it’s a must have. I have it downloaded and am just waiting for my next trip somewhere that I need a reservation and can use it.

Little Baby Bum

I’m pretty sure that I posted about this one before, but Eleni loves the Little Baby Bum nursery rhyme videos. She watches a lot of them on YouTube, but when you don’t have phone service, or when your data usage goes over the limit that becomes a problem. The app doesn’t have as many videos as we find on YouTube, but it’s still really nice because it has her favorites, plus different games that she can play. Sometimes it’s a lifesaver.


I haven’t downloaded Qapital yet, but apparently it’s a way to set rules and put specific amounts of money into savings each month. For example, you can set a goal of paying off a $5,000 debt and then round up purchases to the next dollar for that money to go toward your goal, or take out an extra $5 every time you buy fast food (this may help detract me from eating out??). It sounds really cool, but I haven’t had a ton of time to figure it out yet.


My husband and I recently started using Sheets to track cattle numbers on our permits. Either of us can edit the document and it shows up in real time on both of our phones, plus anyone else that we give access to the document. This keeps us way more organized than typing in our notes and trying to update an Excel spreadsheet later. I highly recommend any of the Google live documents like this if you need to share data with other people.


So far I only have the free version of this app as I’ve only had it a few days. It’s a separate camera app, but makes your iPhone camera more like a DSLR. The coolest feature I’ve found is shooting an up-close macro image. I’d probably use it more if I could swipe up on my locked phone and open Camera+ instead of the normal camera app, but I haven’t figured that out yet.


I’ve stored passwords on my computer keychain forever, but rarely do it on my phone in case they get lost. Enter iPassword and I’ve been filling it with my various logins and passwords. This will hopefully prevent me from using the “reset password” feature on so many different sites.

These are just a few of the most useful apps I have right now. Please tell me your favorites! I love efficiency and productivity and new ways to stay organized so any ideas are welcome. I hope some of these are useful to you as well.

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