Life Happens: Meet Vasi

Hi friends! Happy New Year, now that it’s already February!! The biggest thing that I haven’t shared since my blogging hiatus is our new baby!

Vasi Lynn was born at 8:18 AM on December 13, 2017.  She was 6 pounds 11 ounces and 18.5 inches long.  She’s absolutely beautiful and turns 8 weeks old today!

Life with three kids has been an adjustment for me more than anyone else in the family. Obviously Eleni has had to learn to share my time and lap space and she’s gotten a lot better about it the past couple weeks.  She loves to play with her sister, help me with her and is super protective. I hope they’ll always be close!  For me though, I’ve had to figure out a newborn’s schedule and make it work with toddler activities as well as school and sports for Bentley.  As stupid as it may sound, figuring out how to make dinner, get homework done, keep Eleni entertained and keep the baby happy all at the same time in the evenings has been a challenge.  I wouldn’t even say I have it figured out yet!  It’s definitely a learning process and each day is different.

Vasi has really bad reflux. We’ve tried several formulas and she’s currently on Elecare formula as well as Zantac.  Unfortunately she still spits a ton.  If it was just dirty clothes and burp rags I wouldn’t be worried, but she seems so uncomfortable a lot of the time (mostly after eating) so she’s going to see a pediatric GI on Friday.  I’m hoping he either has a solution to make her feel better or can tell me that she’s really not in pain and that I’m just paranoid, but listening to her constantly grunt and move like she’s trying to get comfortable and can’t is so sad–especially when it interrupts her sleep.  Speaking of sleep, I’ve been trying to follow the Moms on Call schedule like I did with Eleni.  Since Vasi is smaller and has reflux it’s not working as well.  She doesn’t sleep for as long of periods of time which is unfortunate, but I’m hoping that will get better in time.  We elevated her crib since she was spitting up so much, but that didn’t help, so she’s been sleeping in either the Mamaroo or Rock-N-Play the last 4 weeks. I bought an Owlet heart rate and oxygen monitor which gives me some piece of mind while she’s sleeping in the rockers instead of her crib.

Besides the new baby, we had Christmas (duh!), have spent a lot of time camping on the desert while the husband hauls water to the cattle and had a quick trip to Vegas and Disneyland, so I have a lot more to come!

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